Pedestrian Bridge

Natalia Bencheci (website), Raul Serra, João Dias, Daniel Tomé
Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa (University Lusíada of Lisbon)
Student Competition
Faculty: Paulo H. Durão (website)



We proposed a line that naturally develops. A promenade for the promenade, that is overlapping the constants barrier elements. We achieve a desired point through this line called BRIDGE. And we, humans, are points and we walk on it.

From the necessity of unify two realities this overpass was born. In one side, the city: noise, traffic, velocity. From the other side: silence, quietness, nature in its wild state, an escaping landscape.
The idea is a horizontal and essential line, that crosses above different barriers, confronting the man with his own scale and reality. This line softly touches the ground in strategic moments, and in the far end, one platform above the ground prepares the entrance in the wilderness.

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