Sammi Cheng (website)
University of Pennsylvania School of Design
Arch 501 Design Studio
Faculty: Eduardo Rega Calvo
Brief: When Louis Kahn meets Hitchcock…Transformation of The Birds (1963) by Hitchcock into architecture


The Esherick House has become both the battleground and haven, with the structure of bar elements reminiscent to its original form. Although humans are familiar with the existing structure of the house, the new unfamiliar function of the house gives a sense of insecurity to them. The need to alter the house to stand against the surveillants emerges. Humans are prone to retaining the sense of familiarity and security by preserving the house to keep their grounds.

Humans dematerialize the poche as a protest and rebellion against birds, with the porousness and illusiveness to observe their foes while hiding from them. The ‘house’ is now a weapon with hidden in-built function for destruction during the Cold War between humans and birds.

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