Public Library

Eduardo Montenegro (website)
Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa (University Lusíada of Lisbon)
Design Studio
Faculty: Nuno TávoraVictor Neves


The library designed for the Casal da mira neighborhood is the final act of an urban tissue that has no rule or orientation. It is a brutal end, a sharp action in a precise point of the site.

As one starts to draw the pedestrian structure of the neighborhood, it does not take to long to understand that it leads to nowhere. The neighborhood needs a public space scaled to receive its population. The platform idea made sense since the terrain had all the qualities to receive a solid platform (the main body of the library) and underneath it, the public space could finally be articulated with the pedestrian structure. The body of the library is structured around a central patio, establishing a relation between the horizontal levels that the library creates.


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