Ralf Bliem (website)
TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) Faculty For Architecture Theory
Studio Christoph Müller
Faculty: Christoph Müller (website), Michael Hansmeyer (website)


Secession_Adpt is a hommage to the artists and poetists who went trough the Vienna Secession since its first exhibition 1898. Now a scientific age has become real; there is no more need of a static behavior of art/a building/ something – we are evolving in a fast way and art does so. So Secession_Adpt is the adaptation of the Secession to our nowadays appreciation of interdisciplinarily art.

It is fast – disposable – computer generated and seems to be overwhelming. The topping of the Secession is generated in an ongoing process of production – substitution and disposal. The end product of every cycle is a lightweight, easy to handle, synthetic piece of art which adorns the Secession for a determined time.

Even the disposal process is able to show our possibilities of a closed material circuit. All disposed toppings will be fragmented, hackled and rehashed at the back of the Secession and serve anew as feed for the robotic arms.

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