Danny Karas (website), Lily Nourmansouri (website)
Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)
Design Studio
Faculty: Florencia Pita (website)


Swill seeks to create an interaction between the kitcheness of pop and the monumentality of traditional brutalism. Swill looked to replicate ideas of strong extrusion found in brutalism and adapt it from a graphic pattern. The premise was to move past the problems of the simple field project and blur the figure ground, enabling the object to free itself to become sculptural and unique. The project draws from brutalism in its theories starting with a kit of parts, simple, rough, delineated rather then a historical precedent. Swill itself takes the idea of hyper ornamentation in its rigor of patterning and texture to create a saturation of depth in its use of adapted graphic extrusion. The project located in Mendoza, Argentina takes advantage of its unique program of a winery and tourist attraction and blends together the field condition with the sites graphic figure. The building sought to create an aesthetic that seemed to grow from the landscape itself, as if Atlantis had finally dried up and it ruins were brought to the surface. Its aesthetic style has references but seeks to present itself in a naivety that neither denies or emphasize its relatives.


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