The Exchange

Rivkah Stanton (website)
The University of Melbourne
Thesis Architecture Studio
Faculty: Ross T Smith (website),  Byron Kinnaird


Creating An Ameliorative Architecture

February 7th 2009 will forever be known as “Black Saturday.” It marks a day in Australia’s history when a series of fires ravaged the Victorian landscape.

• 173 lives were lost
• 400 people were injured
• 2000 homes destroyed
• More than 450,000 hectares of land burnt.

The challenge is now how and what we rebuild to heal both physical and psychological scars? Like nature, Man also bears witness as bodily memory.

The Exchange comprises Artists’ Studios and a Culinary School in which fire is the central focus of transformation from death to life. Clay is fired into pottery, flame moulds glass, and ovens cook food. This facility becomes a place of gathering, education and production. Fire can be both a force of destruction as well as regeneration of place, economy, and community. Therefore The Exchange is proposed as an architecture of resilience, restoration, and memorial.

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