Trippin Unities

Lily Nourmansouri (website)
Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)
Design Studio
Brief: Funny Buildings in Berlin
Faculty: Andrew Zago (website)


What would it mean to build funny buildings in Berlin, a city so embedded with a deep, at times dark geopolitical history. How could funny shape the future growth of the city? The Axel Springer Media Campus Site confronted this history in a very real way, the site sits on the boundary of where the Wall once stood. The difference in East & West is made crystal clear in the very context of the site. As a nod to this tension, the iconic section of Le Corbusiers Unite Building was used as a departure point, weaving into it a narrative;

Young Unite Boy & Girl make their Grand Tour to Berlin. In awe of the city’s marvelous architecture repetoire, they both respectfully trip over the plinth of modernism to land in varying clumsy postures.

Posture is used as a tool to break down the program of the Campus, splitting office typology into 3 main buildings; tower, loft and multi-use terraces. The narrative continues to the inside as the modular units of the Unite translate into structure, slabs and terraces.

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