Urban Superimposition

Alex Atwood (website)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Architecture (MIT)
Design Studio
Brief: Micro-Institution for the Artist, Student, and Community
Faculty: Saucier + Perrotte Architectes (website): Gilles Saucier


The micro-institution is designed as a public conduit, integrated within the fine-grained urban fabric of Montreal, in which art culture can be easily exposed to the community. This is a place that attempts to dissolve barriers and encourage interaction between public and private spaces. The objective is to bring about contact between visitors, students, and artists. The micro-institution allows for spatial flexibility to respond to the changing patterns of the art culture as well as the lifestyle of the occupants.

01_urban-superimposition_atwood Courtyard Perspective Plan réseau AMT 2014 04_urban-superimposition_atwood Print 06_urban-superimposition_atwood Plans Site Plan 08_urban-superimposition_atwood 09_urban-superimposition_atwood 10_urban-superimposition_atwood 11_urban-superimposition_atwood 12_urban-superimposition_atwood 13_urban-superimposition_atwood Plans Courtyard Zone Plans Courtyard Zone 16_urban-superimposition_atwood Sections Cross Section Courtyard Zone Sections Longitude Section Courtyard Zone 19_urban-superimposition_atwood 20_urban-superimposition_atwood 21_urban-superimposition_atwood


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