Velcro House

Matthew Lacey (website)
The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Unit 19 (website)
Faculty: Mollie Claypool (website), Manuel Jimenez Garcia (website)


THE ‘Velcro House’ project has stemmed from an interest in creating a prefabricated, rapidly expandable, whilst highly flexible and adaptable, house building system. Inspired conceptually by ‘Velcro’ itself, the project has explored the technical possibilities of building products similar to ‘Velcro’; the spatial possibilities afforded by a dwelling growing flexibly into it’s surroundings and expanding visually; the delivery and economics of such a system; and the control and adaptation of the building system to a number of contexts and conditions through growth models.  


↑ Velcro House in Hong Kong; Visualisation
↑ Velcro House Living Cell; Exploded Isometric
↑ Velcro House Bathroom Cell; Exploded Isometric
↑ Velcro House Bedroom Cell; Exploded Isometric
↑ Velcro House Proliferation and Itemisation; Isometric
↑ Velcro House Detailing; Roof Section

↑ Velcro House Detailing; First Floor Section
↑ Velcro House Detailing; Glazing Section
↑ Metaklett; Steel Velcro from the Technical University of Munich. One square metre can support loads of up to 35 tonnes
↑ Velcro House Construction System; 1:2 Prototype
↑ Velcro House Rapid Expansion Model; DLA and Voronoi System
↑ Velcro House Urban Scale Expansion; DLA and Voronoi System
↑ Velcro House Expansion; Tokyo, Site C

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