Vertical Habitation: Baltimore

Andres Marin (website)
University of Central Florida
Design 7
Faculty: Michel Borg (website)


The city of Baltimore has always depended on the harbor for its realization as an urban context. Baltimore’s harbor was once the second leading port of entry for immigrants to the United States and is the largest independent city in the country. Taking into consideration site and surrounding context, the program for the high rise demanded an integration of housing, offices, hotel and a public amenity (in this case a shopping mall). Situated along the city’s inner harbor, the site provides an ideal location for the intervention, with desirable views to take advantage of and close proximity to main attractions. 

Baltimore is divided into two main sectors, the city and the harbor. In the case of the project, the inner harbor serves a spatial joint between the two sectors due to its visitor concurrence. The design divides the program into two towers, one incorporating a hotel and offices, the other solely for housing. The parking lot is located below the buildings and hidden behind the shopping mall which faces the main street. There are two connection bridges that provide public space for the inhabitants whilst metaphorically representing the connection the city has to the harbor.

01_vertical-habitation_marin 02_vertical-habitation_marin 03_vertical-habitation_marin 04_vertical-habitation_marin 05_vertical-habitation_marin 06_vertical-habitation_marin

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