A Visual Abduction

Hannes Frykholm (website), Henry Stephens (website), Amy Tong
UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design
A101 Case Studies in Architecture

Faculty: Kyle Steinfeld (website)


This studio examined inductive, abductive, and deductive methods of design through the creation of various analyical constructs. Beginning with an analysis of the relationship between architecture and cinema, the stuio then developed into three interlinked modules, each with a specfic purpose. Broadly, this project examined the relationship between continuity and discontinuity in cinema and architecture. Module I/Inductive: A set of analytical drawing constructs that could be applied to different contexts as a projective design tool. Module D/Deductive: A device to record site information. Module A/Abductive: A film and film set, exploring a series of spatial constructs through the disembodied eye of the camera.


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