Vlock Building Project 2012

Ryan Connolly (website), Charles Hickox, Thom Medek, Jonathon Meier (website), Bob Scott, Xiaodi Sun, Kate Warren (website), YSOA Class of 2014
Yale School of Architecture
Yale Vlock Building Project 2012 (website)
Brief:  2 family, 2400 sq. ft. house
Faculty: Alan Organschi (website), Joeb Moore (website), Peter de Bretteville (website), Joel Sanders (website), Jennifer Leung (website)


Design shown here is the result of the collaboration of Group F and was the winning design chosen for the 2012 Vlock First Year Building Project, an annual design competition that has given first year students at the Yale School of Architecture the opportunity to see a design through from conception to realization. Although this project was initially designed by one small group, the end product is undeniably the result of the collaboration of the entire first year class. The 2 family, 2400 sq. ft. house is located at 132-136 Newhall Street, New Haven, CT. The house was inaugurated in October 2012.


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