Void in Motion

Juergen Strohmayer
Die Angewandte (University of Applied Arts Vienna) 
Studio Lynn: Thesis Project
Faculty: Greg Lynn (website), Parsa Khalili (website), Martin Murero (website), Maja Ozwaldic, Bence Pap (website)


In this thesis project, literal motion is used to create a dynamic environment at an urban scale. At the heart of the project is the transformation of an urban void that negotiates the contrasting urban fabric between Ueno Park in Tokyo, accommodating several cultural institutions, and the vibrant retail district of Akihabara, also known as Electric Town. My design is a gateway that houses a music complex integrating culture, education, and retail program to create a new kind of institution that engages the lifestyles of people practicing and consuming music in a high-density urban context.

In recent architectural theory, cities are described in terms of differences and the meeting of these differences. I believe that cities are environments that are characterized by adjacencies of high contrasts. This has made transitions and heterogeneity key architectural problems of the current discourse that I wish to engage with my thesis project. Transforming buildings and massive movement are one opportunity for architecture to be a meaningful part of these complex environments and re-imagine the role of a building in the contemporary city.


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