Weaving City

Toshiki Hirano (website), John Murphey
Princeton University School of Architecture
Core Studio
Brief: Urban Plan
Faculty: Hani Rashid (website)


The main objective of this studio was to create new cities “from ground up”, on abstract sites devoid of context, histories or restrictions. There were four steps in the process of the studio. First, we focused on the potential of digital techniques for configuring ranges of urban densities and geometries. Second, we took researches on key precedent examples and lead to an investigation of how their systems of operation can be applied to the geometry which was produced on former step. Third, we applied the findings of the previous two steps to the abstract site, and create the master plan of the city. Finally, we investigated a detailed section of the master plan, registering a sense of human scale and programmatic specificity to be compared to the city at large.  


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