Wesley Green House

Xuanyi Nie (website)
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Core Studio
Faculty: Mariana Ibanez (website)


The site of Wellesley College is imbued with rich landscape. Obviously the most daily yet ritual experience of ‘seeing‘ has been always ignored, where the knowledge from garden design and the manipulation of sequence of scenes have fallen into oblivion. Thus, this project tries to introduce the exterior landscape into the building inside, thus blurring the demarcation of inside and outside.

The relationship between these two are articulated in the catalogue geometry wise, while this building, like traditional garden design, will deliver a sequence of experiences related to the position and experience of ‘seeing’. The circulation not only drives the language of geometry, but also permeates through different zones in various gestures, thus delivering these discussed different experiences.

Furthermore, these individual experiences are further tied together by the strategy of jaxtaposing inside-outside/inside-inside/outside-outside experience. Therefore, this project is not only about creating certain moments, but also about integrating the moments into a continuous flow of time.  


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