Westbahnhof U-bahn

Shahira Hammad (website)
Die Angewandte
Postgraduate Thesis Project
Faculty: Hernan Diaz Alonso (website), Steven Ma (website)


How to design a subway station…?

Should it just be a utilitarian structure, devoid of any attributes besides offering a roof and some walls and a platform or two…?

I decided to make a statement: to “confuse” in order to provoke emotions not normally associated with a subway station.

My early studies were based on the morphologies and behaviors of insects and plants. Through a series of experiments and spontaneous compositions the work evolved into a field….a web of structures, meshes and sculptural elements.

This intricate, complex web tries to create that locus most subways stations are not.

In a way it is the very opposite of an “oasis.” An oasis is a patch of light, serenity and open space.

My subway station is dark, dense, and almost capable of generating claustrophobia.

It is a physical space, but also a psychic space.

It is a labyrinth.

It is an image of our / my mind, perhaps, living in a world with many contradictions, in a non-linear world, in a world as-a-knot.


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