Nicole Harter, Lily Nourmansouri (website)
Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)
Tenebrism, the painterly effect 
Faculty: Andrew Atwood (website)


A project of muted boundaries. Polished exterior edges soften any legible reading of figure, with the exception of an autonomous feature. Gradient marks drawn on the surface remove what little detail and depth remains. Edges disappear smoothing over details suggesting a closer intimate reading.

Embracing the oscillation between abstraction and representation found in tenebrism, the unstable nature of the interior allows two instances of legibility where the painting on the interior shell, grid and theater volume align to create a distinct projected image. An exaggeration of the false light source originating from the envelope’s singular feature balances on the point of uncomfortably blown out. The technique of blowing out extends throughout the interior, blurring object, shadow and light in a move counter to the three dimensionality of the grid. Here shape not form is read.


01_whiteout_harter_nourmansouri 02_whiteout_harter_nourmansouri 03_whiteout_harter_nourmansouri 04_whiteout_harter_nourmansouri 05_whiteout_harter_nourmansouri 06_whiteout_harter_nourmansouri 07_whiteout_harter_nourmansouri 08_whiteout_harter_nourmansouri 09_whiteout_harter_nourmansouri 10_whiteout_harter_nourmansouri 11_whiteout_harter_nourmansouri

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