Yale University Museum for Musical Instruments

Hyeun Lee (website)
Yale School of Architecture
1103a: Advanced Design Studio: Patkau
Brief: Material + Force = Form: Musical Instrument Museum for Yale
Faculty: John Patkau (website), Timothy Newton


The project creates a series of courtyard spaces on the site which individually address the Cross Campus Court, the Music School, and the City of New Haven. Each of these spaces are subsequently warped to create appropriate emphasis on their functions. The irregular building geometry, which results from the warping of courtyard spaces, are designed to enable construction via ruled surfaces that are oriented both horizontally and vertically. This allows for the constructional system to readily accomplish the complexity of its form. The exterior walls consist of a conventional load bearing masonry structures, while the wooded interior walls consist of a fence-like configuration that develop dynamic interior forms. By using a mixture of materials to appropriately accommodate for the various construction systems as well as atmospheres, spaces maintain a sense of tension generated by the various systems to provoke level of emotional engagement with the building for the visitors.


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