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Pitcrit is a platform to discuss, discover and share the most relevant architectural projects, articles and resources.



Why does this awesome site exist?

We love Architecture. We also love the internet. But we are simply tired of ‘liking’, ‘reblogging’ and ‘pinning’ a stream of architectural images with no context, no author and no discussion around them. Pitcrit is an attempt to address that frustration.

There is an avalanche of information on the internet about architecture and continues to build up every second. It is so overwhelming that it is impossible to keep up with. However, hidden in the midst of this avalanche is great projects, resources, interviews and much more valuable content that you don’t want to miss out on.


What Pitcrit does is distill all of that information and make it accessible to the architecture community. 



The Projects page is a specific and very important part of Pitcrit. So far, we have published around 400 student architectural projects projects from 45 schools taught by more than 250 faculty members! This archive will provide a platform for the documentation, cataloging and critiquing of student architectural projects from schools around the world. Please browse through the Projects page and comment, critique or ask questions to the authors of the project.

Our ultimate goal is to contextualize the projects by creating connections and discussions as a continuation of that final review. The projects are currently organized by school, faculty, year, type, program, but we hope to expand this network as the site grows. At the moment we only archive student architectural projects and not professional work.

You can submit your project at submit@pitcrit.com following the guidelines outlined here.  



Architecture is hard. We all know that. But the design process could be less painful by sharing resources with each other! So we have gathered all the best (and free) resources that we found on the internets and put it in one place. 

Resources are categorized as Cutout People, Materials, Trees, Cad Blocks, Tutorials, Color, Stock Photos and many more coming soon. 

If you would like to share your resources with everyone else, submit them at submit@pitcrit.com!



Sungwoo and Tamrat started Pitcrit in 2015 as a side project at the Yale School of Architecture. Shoot us an email at info@pitcrit.com with any feedback about the site or just to say hi 🙂  


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