Pitcrit – House II


House II

Maya Alexander (website), Stanley Cho, Tamrat Gebremichael (website), Peter Le, Tyler Pertman, Sarah Smith
Yale School of Architecture
Design Studio 
Faculty: Joeb Moore (website) et al.


The design adopts a diagonal organization in order to gradate the interior from a compressed space at the entry to a double height space of the living room at the back. The diagonal is expressed and packed with a series of functional equipment like the kitchen counter, powder room, closets and stairway. As such, the issue of a narrow space is countered by a constant expansion and compression of space as one inhabits the house.


01_house2_gebremichael_etal 02_house2_gebremichael_etal 03_house2_gebremichael_etal 04_house2_gebremichael_etal 05_house2_gebremichael_etal 06_house2_gebremichael_etal 07_house2_gebremichael_etal 08_house2_gebremichael_etal

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