Pitcrit – Pavilion



Rasmus Baes (website), Anne Berthelsen, Christine Bjerke (website), Marie Erstad (website)
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture (KADK)
Unit 11
Faculty: Tom Mose Peterson, Anne-Marie Kruse


The building is a mobile pavilion for dance and music in the King’s Garden, Copenhagen. The construction shows the flexibility and temporary nature of the building. It is an ever changing part of the garden and can be used for other cultural activities.The design plays with the idea of the solid floors and the changing structural element, the pipes.  


01_pavilion_baes_berthelsen_bjerke_erstad_pdvy7c 02_pavilion_baes_berthelsen_bjerke_erstad_p67hnc 03_pavilion_baes_berthelsen_bjerke_erstad_o2pu9c 04_pavilion_baes_berthelsen_bjerke_erstad_nxqy7x 05_pavilion_baes_berthelsen_bjerke_erstad_cz5cd4 06_pavilion_baes_berthelsen_bjerke_erstad_ntxyzo

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